Join Our Vendor Network

Everyone’s got a ‘guy.’ So tell us your guy…we want to work with them!

From graphic designers and communications gurus to digital marketers and grassroots workers, over the years we’ve curated a network of professionals that provide their expertise to our clients to help them win.

But as Cor Strategies grows, we’re sending so much business to our vendors that we’re overloading some of them. With important races throughout the state next year, 2024 is going to be a fight and we need all the help we can get. That’s why we’re adding quality people and companies to our vendor network.

Top Needs (in no particular order):

Content Creators
(Individuals who can develop compelling content for social media, mailings, telecom, advertising, & public relations.)

Social Media & Advertising Experts
(Creative individuals and agencies who can manage social media profiles, digital marketing, and advertising.)

Graphic Designers
(Designers who can create high quality logos, mail, social & digital graphics, and event invitations.)

Grassroots Support
(Petition circulators, volunteer coordinators, field directors, and event planners.) 

Do you have these skillsets, or do you know a freelancer or business who does good work? Let us know below. Here’s your chance to support your ‘guy’ and get them additional business. Fill out the form below and let’s work together!